Career Internship Abroad

All Power Staffing Solutions, Inc., is a corporate entity doing business under the name and style of Career Internship Abroad (CIA). It is a globally oriented firm that provides students and young professionals the opportunity to travel, study and work abroad in order to enhance their academic experience with some real world experience and skills training. CIA is devoted to promoting cross-cultural awareness through Work and Travel, Work and Study, Study Abroad and Internship programs.

Our aim is to help young professionals become globally competitive and extraordinary. We create opportunities and worldwide connections to young professionals that would make them responsible global citizens. 

Career Internship Abroad is affiliated with organizations designated by the US Department of State as J-1 visa sponsors for Summer Work and Travel, Internship and Traineeship programs. In Australia, CIA is officially collaborating with Australian Internships, a firm duly authorized by Australia Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to promote Australia's internships. CIA has partnerships also with reputable educational institutions in different parts of Australia, Canada and USA.  

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CIA Testimonials

For 7 years, CIA has witnessed young lives transform into success stories. Here's a compilation of past interns who trusted CIA to help them transform their lives as they underwent Career Internship / Training in the USA.



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Studying and Travelling Abroad: How a Change in Environment Makes Us More of Who We Are

"You take an area--a school, a district--you change the conditions, give people a different sense of possibility, a different set of expectations,...

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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15—while the rest of the metro have had their morning off from work and/or school due to the bad weather, nineteen aspiring chefs...


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